Brainspotting is a neuroscience-informed treatment which targets the brain’s natural healing mechanisms, using specific eye positions and focused mindfulness. The therapist stays closely attuned to what is going on in the client’s brain, mind and body. For more, go to Brainspotting Explained 

"Where you look affects how you feel" - David Grand

Our Mission

  1. Promote excellence in Brainspotting™ treatment, education, and research.

  2. Set practice standards in Canada.

  3. Provide training and continuing education for Brainspotting™ therapists

  4. BSP Canada is committed to helping all persons impacted by trauma generated by oppression, marginalization, unjust policies, and personal /societal biases based on gender, race, ethnicity, identity, culture or being differently abled. Accordingly, BSP Canada is committed to creating welcoming and respectful environments which support equity in receiving Brainspotting Therapy and training in Canada. BSP Canada is committed to training  and supporting BSP clinicians to be aware of different perspectives and experiences of clients and therapists, and to strive to be attuned  to the experiences of all persons impacted by trauma including that generated by oppression and injustice.


Brainspotting Therapy can be used to help treat survivors of trauma and abuse. It is used with clients with anxiety, phobias, addictions, depression, and somatic pain. It is also used for athletes, actors, writers, musicians, and public speakers for performance enhancement.


Brainspotting Canada is an Association which connects mental health practioners trained in Brainspotting across the country to promote competent practice and quality training.  


BSP Canada is actively striving to engage  in:

  • Culturally inclusive activities and initiatives

  • Education

  • Outreach to marginalized communities

  • Foundational BSP training scholarships for members of marginalized communities