Continuing Professional Development Sessions 2021

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June 21, 2021:  An Intimate Journey of Brainspotting - Come join the first ever Canadian BSP Consultant group as we share the victories and challenges of our personal and professional BSP experiences and development, and explore your own with you.

May 12, 2021:  Creative Expansion for Artists with Brainspotting - David Grand, the developer of Brainspotting Therapy, will talk about using Brainspotting Therapy to work with artists to expand and grow their creativity.  Presentation by Dr. David Grand.  

April 19, 2021:  Clearing Limbic Countertransference - Enhancing Attunement - In this Brainspotting Advanced Seminar, Brainspotting professionals will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of what limbic countertransference is and to have personal experiences with clearing limbic countertransference. This is a fundraising event for BSP CA, a non-profit organization. Funds go to support training and research.  Presentation by Cherie Lindberg and Cynthia Swartzberg

March 23, 2021:  Allyship with First Nations Peoples - The purpose of this webinar is to offer BSP therapists a glimpse into the realities of working with the First Nations Population, and what as therapists we may do to offer services that are both respectful and more congruent with the needs presented.  The Webinar will first address the history of First Nations Peoples by touching upon The Indian Act, Reserves, and Residential Schools as a backdrop to the sad realities and truths that colonization has had on First Nations People. The critical importance of attunement within and across cultures will then be discussed as attunement remains central not only to Brainspotting as a therapy, but to the effective understanding and healing within the therapeutic relationship.  Attention will then turn to sharing on what allyship  can look like, offering BSP therapists ideas on how best to work with and learn from First Nations Peoples.  Presentation by Dr. Dell Ducharme, Allyson Coleman and Angie Dariou

February 24, 2021:  Brainspotting:  The Long Haul - how we and our patients are doing, as this pandemic drags on and on and on.  A time to check-in on your successes, challenges, worries, questions, and stories before placing you into dyads to do some Brainspotting.  

January 18, 2021:  Brainspotting and the Safe and Sound Protocol:  Presentation by Jane Carney Probst - Lecture, brief case study and discussion

Ottawa Peer

Consultation Sessions 


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March 2, 2020:  Memory Reconsolidation:  Presentation by Dr. Jeanne Talbot - Peer Consultation and discussion


May 27, 2020:  Working in the days of COVID19 - Stress and Limbic Countertransference 1

June 17, 2020:  Working in the days of COVID19 - Stress and Limbic Countertransference 2

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